The very first! The one and only! For real! Polish Hula Hoop Convention!

We present to you a creation which has been taking shape in our minds for several seasons. We’ve been gathering experience by traveling around foreign festivals, participating in countless workshops, watching performances of the best hula hoopers… until this time has finally come when we’re announcing our full readiness!

We’re inviting you for 5 days of perfect harmony of intensive workshops, chill out with nature and glitter!

This is an event where hula hoop enthusiasts can find their place and meet other [positively crazy] people.

In the Masurian forests we’ve managed to find a magical place – Studio Burdąg. It is equipped with cozy rooms, huge training room, private lake, hammocks, fresh air, and in addition from time to time no phone coverage 😉



Lila Chupa Hoops (Francja) 🇫🇷

Tal Fransky (Izrael) 🇮🇱

Kari Panska (Polska/Hiszpania)🇵🇱 /🇪🇸

Marta Mądry (Polska) 🇵🇱

Kamil „Dzielny” Dziliński (Polska) 🇵🇱


Lila Chupa-Hoops started her hoop journey 9 years ago in Paris, France and it has been more than 6 years that she decided to quit her job to live the full experience as a hoop artist and teacher. Self taught, she built a diverse repertoire of performances, including emblematic vintage circus acts that she plays all over Europe. Lila won her first title at the Geneva Burlesque Festival in 2015 with her rockabilly hooptease, mixing her circus skills to the traditionnal pin-up strip. Burlesque has been the starting point of her career so of course you can see this style quite predominant in her flow and dance. But that’s not all ! Inspired by flowarts in general, Lila is attached to a rather technical style and working on various combos from 1 to 6 hoops as well as manipulating a wide range of objects (fans, dragonstaff, whips…). In 2017, she was awarded as:



🏆 European Hooper of the Year
🏆 Double Hooper of the Year
🏆 Best solo performance video

as a recognition to her work as a teacher, performer and creative artist in the hoop world




Workshops – Twinning with Lila

This workshop was created to help you get creative with two hoops. Using two objects means so much more possibilities, different motions, directions and planes. Lila will introduce you to her favourite 3D combos as well as some tips to build all levels double hoop sequences.



Tal Fransky is a Hula Hoop Dancer from Tel Aviv. She has been dancing with the hoop since 2014 and teaches and performs professionally.
Tal has taught at events in Israel, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Slovenia & Norway.
Tal is well known and well loved in the International Hoop community for her elegant and individual hoop style.
With over 8 years of training in modern and classical dance, Tal feels that she has found her favourite form of self expression dancing with a Hoop. She views her dance as a form of meditation, flowing with her circle and exploring the delicate bonds between body, prop and space.
In her workshops and classes Tal teaches combinations and choreographies of tricks, moves and concepts that she has learnt throughout her Hoop journey thus far. Tal is particularly interested in how tricks can be fluidly pieced together to create a seamless fusion of dance and circus skill.
Her aim is for each student to experience and to feel their own natural dance with the Hoop. Tal is Sponsored by MoodHoops.com.





In this 1.5 hour workshop Tal will teach a combination of tricks and passes. Working with 1 hoop, we will focus on learning some movement sequences, combos and transitions as well as fun and fancy tricks.
The workshop is open to all levels.

Kari Panska is a self taught hoop dancer and circus artist. She came across hoopdance after moving to Barcelona and after few years of training she decided to give it a try and make it her profession. Currently she performs and teaches across Europe.




Wrokshops „1 for 3”

This workshop is focused on the basic tricks required to juggle with 3 or more hoops, but we´ll learn them with one hoop only! We´ll go through different types of throws and catches, we´ll see how to incorporate more of body movement and some leg work. We´ll learn everything on both sides and in both directions and we´ll create a choreo with freshly learn tricks so you can easily add them into your dance. All levels welcome!


Marta Mądry  is a circus performer and a circus arts trainer. She teaches hula hoop, aerial hoop and stretching, she also worked as an aerial hoop and stretching instructor in Poland and Germany. She’s an experienced teacher – she used to work as a language teacher. Work with adults and teenagers is her main focus, she tries to treat every student as an individual even if there are dozens of them in one workshop. She’s been training for 12 years and teaching others for 10. She performed and taught i.a. in Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, England and Saudi Arabia.
Her fascination with hoops started when she came across rhythmic gymnastics in her teenage years. She had enough time to try many things such as artistic gymnastics, yoga, contemporary dance, fire show, contortion, aerial acrobatics, jazz and – more recently – hip hop, popping and soft acrobatics.
What are her favorite things about hula hoops? Rolls, untypical multi hoop manipulations and combining hoops with movement. The last one will be the topic of her workshop at HooPoland.



Workshops: No-trick choreography

Non-dancers often find it hard to add to their choreographies moves that are not considered typical tricks. At first it may seem unnatural or complicated – to interact with your hoop and just… to be there. Like how, without my prop? I feel naked! 😊 To cut it short – we’re gonna create a short choreo filled with pure movement (for the sake of your emotional safety with a hoop at the reach of your hand or any other part of your body)!

Kamil „Dzielny” Dziliński
Manipulator, juggler, performer, founder of MultiVisual performance group, organiser of Polish Fire Festival and Ostróda Juggling Festival. He has been continuously performing and running workshops for 16 years, focusing on manipulation (ring and contact ball) and juggling (clubs). Hoop manipulation routine that he developed with MultiVisual opened his door to final of Poland Got Talent and right now they are performing mostly on corporate events in Poland and abroad. He has visited and run workshops on a lot of festivals – such as European Juggling, Circus Festival Ireland and Italian Hoop Connection.




During his workshops, Dzielny focuses primarily on manipulation techniques – with one and two hoops. He shows how intention affects the quality. He draws attention to the relationship between body and object, but also how important it is to prepare the movement and to finish it properly. According to him, every trick is like a story – it has its beginning, development and ending – it has its own logic and it is essential to pay attention to every element. He proves that small changes in movement and intentions have an impact on the quality of the trick.



⇒ Stage makeup workshops

⇒ Art workshops

⇒ Morning yoga

⇒ Hoop Gala – Star shows and open stage

⇒ UV/LED party

⇒ Fire stage

⇒ Hoop market

⇒ Possibility of a paid photo session with Anushka

⇒ Hula Olympics

⇒ Training space accessible 24h

⇒ Chill out – possibility of riding unicorns and flamingos in the lake, hammocks, walks in local woods



3 meals daily – vegetarian or vegan options

Kitchen is accessible 24h in case anyone wanted to prepare something themselves

⇒  supper on day one

⇒  breakfast on last day



Bathrooms with showers / bathtub and toilets are available to all participants, including those staying in tents

⇒  rooms

⇒  tents



From Warsaw, on Friday afternoon / evening a transport will be organized for those who are unable to reach Burdąg by car. This transport will have to be paid for additionally, however, we will provide costs as soon as we know how many participants would like to use it




Tent accommodation

PHASE I 850 PLN [first 5 tickets]

PHASE II 950 PLN until 



Room accommodation (limited availability)

PHASE I 950 PLN [first 10 tickets]



Ticket does not include:

⇒  commute Warsaw-Burdąg-Warsaw

⇒  insurance (optional, paid additionally during ticket purchase) 40 PLN



It is possible to pay in instalments.